Primary Care Networks

Primary Care Networks (PCNs) are groups of GP surgeries that work closely together. They also bring together services such as social care, pharmacies and voluntary organisations. GP surgeries do not have to join PCNs, but the vast majority have chosen to do so. This is because being part of a PCN brings a range of benefits for both surgeries and patients.

For example, by working together, GP surgeries within a PCN could take it in turns to offer evening appointments. This means that patients would have access to extended opening hours.

GP surgeries that belong to a PCN can also offer access to specialist services and health professionals that they share. They’ll also be more financially sustainable, and so better prepared to care for our ever growing population.

Learn more about Primary Care Networks

Learn more about Primary Care Networks

Transcript of Learn more about Primary Care Networks video

Since the NHS started 70 years ago, the population has grown and we are living longer many of us are living with conditions, like diabetes heart disease and asthma or suffer with mental health issues.

So getting help from our local health services is more important than ever.

That’s why many GP practices are working with each other and with Community Mental Health social care pharmacy hospital and voluntary services in local areas covering around thirty to fifty thousand patients.

These are called primary care networks working together means they can have bigger teams of staff including GPS nurses pharmacists and mental health professionals.

It means they can stay open for longer ensuring staff can give patients better access to specialists health professionals and services like ultrasound closer to home and they can share information and technology to offer better services for patients.

Joshua is 10.

He isn’t normally and well but feels very ill one morning and his mum is worried about him.

She wants to see a health professional without needing to go to hospital.

So she rings up her local GP practice and although they are busy they arrange an appointment and another nearby practice where Joshua can be seen quickly by a clinical pharmacist paramedic or nurse practitioner many patients need help in this way and for lots of patients with minor conditions.

They can also get advice from the health professionals at their local pharmacy.

Yasmin has type 1 diabetes and wants to manage this independently because of changes in the NHS.

She can book appointments and repeat prescriptions online.

She also checks her blood sugar levels at home and sends the information to the GP practice to monitor without needing to go in person.

Yasmin can also have an online consultation with her practice or find out information to help her using a health care app.

David has a number of complex conditions including dementia and arthritis because his local health services
It means they all have his health records.

So he doesn’t need to keep explaining his story and his health team know all about his history.

The world has changed in the last 70 years and our NHS is changing so that in our communities patients can get access to the right care for their own needs.

Do I need to do anything any differently to access services in my PCN?

No. As a patient, you don’t have to do anything. Simply contact the GP Practice you’re registered with as normal when you need to book an appointment.

Which PCN does my GP surgery belong to?

GP Locator

Enter an address to discover which General Practices are located within the area:

Surgeries listed by PCN

Barrack Lane and Ivry Street Primary Care Network

Cardinal Medical Practice

Deben Health Group South Primary Care Network

East Ipswich Primary Care Network

East Suffolk Primary Care Network

North East Coastal Primary Care Network

North East Ipswich Primary Care Network

Orwell Primary Care Network

South Rural Primary Care Network

Clacton Primary Care Network

Colchester Medical Practice Primary Care Network

COLTE Partnership (ARA) Primary Care Network

COLTE Partnership (TMR) Primary Care Network

COLTE Partnership (WCW) Primary Care Network

Creffield Medical Group Primary Care Network

East Hill, Abbey Field and Tollgate Primary Care Network

North Colchester Primary Care Network

Ranworth Primary Care Network

Tendring Primary Care Network

Blackbourne Primary Care Network

Bury St Edmunds Primary Care Network

Forest Heath Primary Care Network

Haverhill Primary Care Network

Sudbury Primary Care Network

WGGL Primary Care Network

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