Respiratory services

On this page you’ll find information about respiratory services you can self-refer yourself to in Suffolk and north east Essex. You can learn more about respiratory illnesses and how to manage common conditions, such as asthma and COPD, on the website.

The NHS Constitution gives most people living in England the right to choose where to receive treatment.

Services available in Suffolk and north east Essex

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Service

Pulmonary rehabilitation is a programme of exercise and education prescribed to people with long-term lung conditions. It has long been recognised that gentle exercise is beneficial to people who struggle with their breathing. Our courses deliver a 6–8-week programme of exercise and education. Each week patients will be expected to complete the sets of exercise twice. Patients can choose to attend a course in a group setting, across the internet in a virtual setting from your home or by completing a set of exercises at home.

Who is eligible for this service

You can self refer to pulmonary rehabilitation when:

  • you have a diagnosed respiratory condition
  • you experience breathlessness as part of your everyday life
  • you are registered with a GP in Suffolk or North East Essex
  • you are able to commit to a twice weekly course of education and exercise

We do not offer a service for patients who:

  • do not have a confirmed respiratory condition
  • do not experience breathlessness which impacts on daily activities
  • have contraindications to pulmonary rehabilitation, such as unstable cardiac conditions, unstable blood pressure or other issues which limit the ability to exercise
  • are under the age of 18

Organisations that provide this service

What area does this service cover?

This service is available in Suffolk and north east Essex.

How to access this service

Patients can self-refer to the pulmonary rehabilitation service via an online portal, or speak to their GP team.

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