Hospitality and Gifts Register

Recipient/ PositionDate of OfferIf known, details of any previous offers made by the supplier:Accepted/ Declined A/DReason for Accepting/ DecliningDetails of Gift/HospitalityValueOffered byReviewing Officer/Date
Louise Hardwick Head of Partnerships and Alliance Delivery12/7/22NoATo support East Suffolk Councils shortlisted nominationsAttend National LGA awards at Grosvenor House London to support East Suffolk Councils shortlisted nominations: 1.Outstanding Individual Contribution 2.Health and Social Care Award Award ceremony – 3 course meal, wine and overnight stay in hotel£300Nick Khan, Strategic Director, East Suffolk CouncilAmanda Lyes 26/07/2022
Louise Hardwick Head of Partnerships and Alliance Delivery19/7/22NoATo attend a community eventAttend Suffolk Dog Day on 31 July 2022£30Andrea Pittock. Suffolk Community FoundationAmanda Lyes 26/07/2022
Laura Taylor-Green North East Essex Alliance Director26/1/23NoAWelcome giftOrchid in pot and chocolates during practice visit£25East Lynne Medical PracticeAmanda Lyes 27/01/2023
Andrew Kelso ICB Medical Director15/3/23NoATo gain knowledge of best practice and latest informationRegistration, travel, accommodation and subsistence to attend International League Against Epilepsy British Branch Annual Meeting 2023£2000Helen Cox, Angelini PharmaAmanda Lyes 16/03/2023
Susannah Howard ICP Director11/05/23NoAOrganisational reputation for the ICB with senior executive speaking at WHO global conference & potential learning for local mental health servicesTravel and accommodation to attend conference organised by WHO in Colombo, Sri Lanka as an invited expert on the development and scaling up of community mental health services in South-East Asia.£2500World Health Organization – South-East Asia Regional OfficeAmanda Lyes 06/06/2023
Laura Taylor-Green North-East Essex Alliance Director28/03/2023- course start 18th May 2023NoAThis was accepted as I am part of the LDP in my role and was discussed with my line manager, Ed Garratt.  Leadership Course place as part of Local Delivery Pilot Essex scheme£1500Active Essex Local Delivery PilotAmanda Lyes 05/06/2023
Denise Hutchinson Appliances Nurse07 June 2023NoATraining to gain knowledge on how to use product ensures good patient care and value for money.Lunch for team meeting, product already on formulary. Training session on the product.£5.00MediCare UKAmanda Lyes 06/06/2023
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