Translation Services

The ICB does not directly arrange or fund access to communication support (such as a sign language communicator guide, interpreter or translator) for patients. This support is arranged directly by the provider providing your appointments.

To access communication support at your GP surgery please let your surgery know you would like to access this support when you make your appointment. Your surgery may also ask if they can make a note about your communication needs on your securely held records, to make sure you receive the support you need in the future. Your GP surgery can then make these arrangements on your behalf with NHS England, who pay for this support for primary care and dental appointments.

To access communication support for a hospital or community service appointment please let the provider of  the service know when you arrange your appointment. The details of who will provide your appointment can usually be found on your appointment or clinic letters. The service provider will then be able to work with you to arrange necessary support on your behalf.

Need further assistance?

If you have been unhappy with the care that you have received from one or more of our providers, please do get in touch. We welcome feedback and our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALs) can help resolve ongoing issues, pass on feedback, register complaints and answer any questions you may have.

Page last modified: 17 April 2023
Next review due: 17 October 2023