The ICB Board

The NHS Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care Board (ICB) is overseen by its own Board. The role of the Board is to ensure the ICB runs efficiently, economically and with good governance. Our Board is accountable to NHS England.

Who sits on our Board?

The ICB Board is composed of the following 18 members:

  • Chair
  • Chief Executive
  • Three partner members from the NHS and Foundation Trusts (who bring perspectives from their experience and knowledge of acute, community and mental health care)
  • Two partner members from primary medical services (who bring perspectives from their experience and knowledge of primary care)
  • Two partner members from Local Authorities
  • One member from the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector
  • Five Non-Executive Members
  • Chief Finance Officer
  • Medical Director
  • Director of Nursing

They are also joined at Board meetings by other regular participants and observers.

Board Registers

Hospitality and Gifts Register

This is a record of all gifts and offers of hospitality made to ICB Board members and staff.

Board meetings

Our Board meets in public every two months. Everyone is welcome to attend or view these meetings, whether they are held virtually or in person. If you’d like to attend, we’d encourage you to read the agenda of each meeting in advance. You can then pose any questions you may have which are related to the agenda items.

This can be done in advance via email, in-person if the meeting is being conducted at a physical location, or via YouTube live chat, if the meeting is being live streamed.

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