Working in partnership with people and communities

Involving people and communities is built into the fabric of how our organisation functions because we know that it leads to improved health outcomes.

The ICB is responsible for lots of different aspects of heath and care, meaning that participation, collaboration, and working in partnership with people and communities is happening across healthcare in our area.

By working to understand your experience, and gain insight, it will help us plan and improve health and care across Suffolk and north east Essex.

Read our Patient and Public Involvement Strategy for more detailed information on the ten principles underpinning our approach.

You can also learn more about how health and care systems hear from people and communities via this article from the King’s Fund.

Let’s talk SNEE (Suffolk and north east Essex)

Let’s Talk SNEE ( is a dedicated website that provides one way for the people of Suffolk and north east Essex to influence the way that their health and care services are planned, commissioned and delivered.

We want to hear what you think our priorities should be for improving health care where you live.

By registering on Let’s Talk SNEE you will be able to get involved in conversations about the health care issues that matter most to you, share your ideas, ask us questions and receive regular feedback on how your contribution is making a difference.  You can also see details of past engagement projects, minutes of the People and Communities ICB sub-committee and sign up to receive our regular e-newsletters direct to your inbox.

Together we can make Suffolk and north east Essex better.

Patient Safety Partners

The Patient Safety Strategy of 2019 sets out the expectation that patients should be included in the surveillance and management of patient safety. The ICB has appointed member of the public to be Patient Safety Partners (PSPs) who will be highly involved in the organisation’s safety culture. Their role will be to attend Committees and meetings across the ICB, being involved in patient safety improvement projects, working with the board to improve patient safety and be involved in training for staff around patient safety.

Page last modified: 14 September 2023
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