Funding requests

Not all procedures, medicines and medical devices are routinely offered to NHS patients.

However, there may be situations where a clinician believes that their patient’s clinical situation is so different to other patients with the same condition that they should have their treatment paid for when other patients would not.

Similarly, sometimes patients are required to meet certain criteria to be eligible for specific NHS treatments. However, a clinician may believe that a patient’s individual circumstance means they should be offered the treatment, even if they do not meet the criteria.

In these cases, clinicians work with us to decide whether or not their patient should receive the treatment in question.

On this page, you’ll find the policies that outline our approach to specific treatments in Suffolk and north east Essex.

Clinical Priorities Policy

Our Clinical Priorities Policy is accessible via our Policies page. The policy outlines the the funding arrangements for treatments, interventions and procedures not currently included in commissioned established care pathways or identified for funding through the commissioning process and are not routinely funded.

Documents and information for health and care professionals

Health and care professional in Suffolk or north east Essex? Please log in to our Health and Care Professionals Area to access threshold checklists, funding request forms and pathway information.

Specialised services commissioning

Some very specialised services for residents in Suffolk and north east Essex are commissioned by NHS England and NHS Improvement – East of England.

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