Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act gives everyone the right to request written or recorded information held by Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care Board.

FOI publication scheme

Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care Board commits to making the below classes of information available through our Publication Scheme.

We want to be as transparent as possible in the work we undertake so before you submit an FOI it is a good idea to check that we haven’t already published the information on our website.

If you are unable to find the information you are looking for and wish to submit an FOI please contact us via post or email via the details below.

Tony Buckle, Risk Manager
NHS Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care Board
Endeavour House
Russell Road


Who we are and what we do

We plan and buy healthcare services for over 1 million people, working closely with partners to improve the health and wellbeing of our communities. On our About Us page you can find out more information about how we fit into the wider NHS structure; our role within the Integrated Care Partnership, our role within the wider Integrated Care System as well as our work with our three Alliances.

Our structure can be found on our Organogram which can also be found on our About Us page.

We publish a wealth of information around our Equality and Diversity work. On those pages you will find our Workforce Race Equality Reports, our Gender Pay Gap Reports and information on our various Staff Networks.

You can find out who sits on Our Board including the 16 main attendees, those that join on a regular basis and those that observe.

We publish guidance on how to find a local healthcare service which will help you discover where best to seek help.

Lastly, we also make available all contact details for each of our public facing services.

What we spend and how we spend it

Read our latest annual report for details on our strategies, objectives and performance over the last financial year.

Our Capital Plans, found on our Finance and Performance pages, details our annual plan for the use of system capital resources.

At Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care Board we follow the Agenda for Change guidelines and information about current pay scales can be found on NHS Employers. We also have information about how much we pay staff within our annual reports with similar information available in the Organogram.

We have information detailing all the services we commission including GPs, hospitals, mental health amongst others.

On our Procurement section you can find out what current tenders we have open. These are available on three different databases. We also keep our Procurement Decision Register there, detailing all our previous procurements.

What our priorities are and how we are doing

We have published our Joint Forward Plan. The Joint Forward Plan (JFP) outlines how the ICB will plan and fund health and care services in Suffolk and north east Essex over the next five years.

How we make decisions

The NHS Suffolk and North East Essex ICB’s Constitution is a legal document setting out the arrangements made to make sure the group meets its responsibilities for the people of Suffolk and north east Essex.

Information about our Board, including our Board Papers can be found as well as information about upcoming meetings.

We have information about how we work in partnership with people and communities which details our Lets Talk SNEE website as well as our patient safety partners.

Our policies and procedures

The policies that the ICB has adopted to guide its practice are published online. These are always being updated and added to.

Lists and registers

Our Gifts and Hospitality register and our Conflicts of Interest are published on our Board pages.

Below you can see how to access previously published FOI responses.

The services we offer

Find a local healthcare service and get the treatment you need, faster by selecting the service that best suits your needs by visiting out .

Published FOI Responses

Due to the large amount of requests and the space they take up we are unfortunately unable to publish the responses in full. Below we have outlined the requests reference number and a brief summary. If you would like to be sent any of the below responses please contact us using

FOI 4843 – Record of any complaints made against physician associates since 2020.

FOI 4844 – Referral pathways for Gastroenterology and Direct Access Endoscopy.

FOI 4845 – Names of supplier(s) contracted for flexible pool solutions by the ICB.

FOI 4846 – How many assessments led to a recommendation of eligibility and how many did not.

FOI 4847 – NHS agency/locum spending cap/ceiling.

FOI 4848 – In your Integrated Care System area, how many patients have you seen with insomnia over the last 12 months.

FOI 4849 – Locked rehabilitation placements for adults with all mental health diagnosis.

FOI 4850 – Total sum of items provided to community users by ICB’s Community Equipment Store.

FOI 4851 – SNEE ICB’s local treatment guidelines, pathways or protocols for the use of human growth hormone.

FOI 4852 – Budget and spend by the ICS to maternity and neonatal services in 2021/22, 2022/23 and 2023/24.

FOI 4853 – Providers of pain clinics in the ICB over the past two NHS financial years.

FOI 4854 – ICB’s digital strategy & regional shared care record.

FOI 4855 – SNEE ICB’s contact information for the Provider or Trust responsible for decision-making and the purchasing of services.

FOI 4856 –  Clinical ICT Strategy

FOI 4857 – The total number of expectant mothers in your area.

FOI 4858 – Management of regional patient flow.

FOI 4859 – Expiry date of your Minor and Urgent Eyecare community service.

FOI 4860 – Spending on private provision/ out of area placements.

FOI 4861 – Guidelines for the treatment of insomnia in adult patients.

FOI 4862 – SNEE ICB’s number of permanently employed staff split by band, gender and ethnicity.

FOI 4863 – Amount or percentage of funding allocated to virtual ward development/implementation or support.

FOI 4864 – ICS’s contracts with private hospitals to provide surgeries and tests to NHS patients.

FOI 4865 – ICB’s Chief Pharmacist.

FOI 4866 – Referral management centre protocol for patient’s of 5 providers for consultant led, elective care for Ophthalmology.

FOI 4867 – Last networking (LAN, Core & Edge refresh) and when is the next refresh planned.

FOI 4868 – Collaborative lipids fund (CLF).

FOI 4869 – Confirmation of ICB operating on a CHC framework with a single, or range of rates.

FOI 4870 – What are the contractual performance KPIs for the service of Musculoskeletal/Physiotherapy.

FOI 4871 – What proportion of GP practices are doing spirometry themselves.

FOI 4872 – Senior leadership team.

FOI 4873 – Is there a TLHC programme running in your system.

FOI 4874 – ICB founded continence pads & containment product for disabled children and young people living in ICB’s area.

FOI 4875 – How many Adults are receiving CHC funded care in their own homes under certain categories.

FOI 4876 – How does the NHS pay for prescriptions filled by pharmacies.

FOI 4877 – Details of NHS staffing expenditure in the ICB/ICS area in Occupational Health and Occupational Health and Wellbeing for 2020, 2021 and 2022.

FOI 4878 – Social media management platform.

FOI 4879 – Eligibility decisions for NHS Continuing Healthcare.

FOI 4880 – Medium-term financial plan for the ICS.

FOI 4881 – How many applications for support under the HTCS were made to the ICB.

FOI 4882 – The total value the ICB has been invoiced by care homes between 1 July 2022 and 30 June 2023.

FOI 4883 – What ophthalmology services ICB commissions within NHS Trusts and private providers.

FOI 4884 – In relation to SNEE ICB, in March 2023 how many people had: Continuous health care (CHC) & Funded nursing care (FNC).

FOI 4885 – Has the ICB or any of its system partners mobilised surge wards during FY 2022/2023 or in FY 2023/2024 (to date).

FOI 4886 – Which wheelchair services does ICB oversee.

FOI 4887 – Names of all ‘place’ structures and forums within the ICS, ICB and ICP, including all place-based partnerships/place provider partnerships/collaboratives or lead provider arrangements; including place-based provider collaboratives.

FOI 4888 – Questions in relation to the role of CIO and professionalism.

FOI 4890 – Does the ICB have a policy regarding abuse, violence or aggression towards primary care staff by patients.

FOI 4894 – Are there AQP providers for audiology in the ICB area.

FOI 4896 – Org design with the names and email addresses and contact numbers of all your central functions Directors.  Specifically, Directors of Finance, BI, Health and IT.

FOI 4903 – Which Trust(s)/Organisation(s) your ICB commissions to undertake Adult Autism Assessments and Diagnosis.

FOI 4906 – What is ICB’s estimated YTD deficit, and how much of this has been caused by industrial action.

FOI 4907 – What is ICB’s budget for dentistry this financial year.

FOI 4908 – What is the new financial plan that has been reportedly requested from NHS England, and will ICB publish it.

FOI 4912 – The amount your ICB has spent with the private provider Mountain Healthcare Ltd to deliver sexual assault referral centre services between Oct 2021 to Sept 2022.

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