Why Can’t I Do That? Urges Local NHS Chief

On tomorrow’s International Women’s Day (March 8), Elizabeth Moloney, the woman who has successfully led the local COVID vaccination programme for the past four years, is urging women and girls to ask themselves and others “Why can’t I do that?”

After an 18-year career in law enforcement, Elizabeth realised that she wanted to do different things with her life and her career.

Recognizing that by holding limiting thoughts about her values and skills meant that she was settling for a life of more of the same, and while she wasn’t unhappy, Elizabeth knew that she could achieve more and attain greater life satisfaction.

Urging others to be positive and have the courage to break free from artificial boundaries, Elizabeth, who is Deputy Director of Strategic Change at the NHS Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care Board, says: “If I hadn’t challenged myself to be brave and strive for more, I would never have had the privilege of the leading the COVID vaccination programme across Suffolk and north east Essex, which has saved countless lives.

“Changing careers in my 40s has been one of the greatest challenges but also life affirming opportunities.

“I believe I was like many women are, who are constrained by thoughts of what they can and cannot achieve. Childcare arrangements or other family commitments, worries about finances, doubts about our skills and capabilities – they can all weigh down on us and prevent us from achieving real satisfaction in our lives.

“I urge all women to never give up asking themselves and others – why can’t I do that?

“More often than not there are ways of breaking down most barriers.  Although I realise it’s not always possible to achieve everything we want, we can challenge ourselves and others to achieve more of our potential.

“On International Women’s Day I urge every woman to make time to think about her life and consider whether there is more she wants to achieve. If there is, what is stopping her and what can she do to make things happen?”