Dynamic Support Register

The Dynamic Support Register (DSR) is a digital database that aims to bring agencies and services involved in commissioning and delivering care and support to local children, young people and adults with learning disabilities and/or autism together.

The aim is to identify people who with robust, timely, proactive monitoring intervention and support can be prevented from unnecessary or inappropriate admission to mental health or specialist hospitals.

With close links to the Transforming Care Programme, the DSR provides a collaborative forum for communication where a person’s support needs can be reviewed, and issues escalated where appropriate.

Live or support someone in Suffolk and north east Essex?

On this page you will find referral forms and information relevant for people who live in Suffolk (excluding Waveney). If you have a north east Essex (Colchester and Tendring) GP, please send an email to Essex.DSR@essex.gov.uk  to get information about the DSR in your area.

The DSR is for everyone with a learning disability and/or autism (whatever their age), who are most at risk of hospital admission or placement breakdown. Inappropriate hospital admissions can be related to placement breakdown therefore it is important to ensure the right level of support is identified.

Appropriate referrals will be for people who when faced with difficult challenges in their lives can or are presenting as a risk to themselves or others that could lead to an admission to specialist/inpatient services.

For a referral to be accepted a person must either have capacity to give informed consent or where capacity is lacking at the time of referral, a best interest decision has been made. Where appropriate, a person with parental responsibility can consent to inclusion of a child or young person (please see the “Information for those under 18 years of age” section for more information).

The DSR team will be proactive in responding to requests for information to help a person understand, retain, and weigh up information about this decision.

Prior to the DSR different agencies, services and teams held their own information about people who they were trying to support. By developing a single register with input from all those involved in supporting an individual, it will be easier to make sure people get the right support at the right time in the community and help to avoid inappropriate hospital admission wherever possible.

People who are included on the register will be proactively reviewed to identify as early as possible whether any additional support is needed.

Information from these reviews will also be used to identify key themes, trends, and service gaps. This information will not use person identifiable data, but it will help to plan and develop future services.

The information held on the DSR will be the minimum required to facilitate high quality communication of needs and actions, including:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Place of residency
  • NHS number
  • Key professional involvement, their names and contact details
  • Current issues that relate to risk of admission and the risk of escalation
  • What has been tried that could mitigate risk (including positive strategies to improve a person’s quality of life, increasing life opportunities and self-esteem)
  • What could be useful to further reduce risks
  • Action plan moving forwards including recommendations for current and potential future service involvement

We rate the risk of each person on the DSR being admitted into a specialist hospital using the risk stratification parameters outlined in the NHS England Dynamic Support and C(E)TR policy (page 21).

Currently the key agencies and services who will collaborate and communicate through the DSR are:

If you have a North East Essex GP you will need to send an e-mail to Essex.DSR@essex.gov.uk  to get information about the DSR in your area.

For a referral to be accepted it is essential that the person has capacity to give informed consent, a best interest decision has been made on behalf of a person who lacks capacity or where appropriate a person with parental responsibility has consented to inclusion on behalf of a child or young person. It is therefore important that all relevant information about the DSR is made available to the person themselves, people with parental responsibility and agencies when referral decisions are being made.

Information about the DSR is available in various formats to ensure that it is provided in a way that maximises a person’s ability to understand, retain and weigh up information about this decision to be able to give informed consent. Consent, once given, can be withdrawn at any time.

If a person is assessed as not having the capacity to give informed consent (and no one holds parental responsibility, or a court of protection appointed personal welfare deputyship), a best interest decision can be made under the Mental Capacity Act for inclusion on the DSR.

It is important to know that not consenting to join the register will not affect the person’s current support. Although the benefit of inclusion on the DSR will be the multi-agency collaboration and communication, scrutiny of the current support provided and the potential to access other appropriate agencies as part of the DSR process.

Information for those aged under 18 years of age

The Dynamic Support Register (DSR) for Children and Young People in Suffolk is managed by the Children and Young People’s Quality Team in the Suffolk and North East Essex ICB.  If you live, or support someone living, in north east Essex, please email Essex.DSR@essex.gov.uk for information about the DSR in your area.

Once your child has been identified and added to the DSR with your (or theirs if they are over 16) consent, their care will be routinely reviewed in combination with their support network to make sure that all of the best practice for children and young people with a Learning Disability and/or who are Autistic is in place. We know that the needs of children and young people can change quickly, so this register is intended to aid early identification of increased risk and help us to proactively support them in the community.

Children and young people registered on the DSR may be entitled to support from the Keyworking Function. The Keyworking Function is a team of health and social care professionals experienced in working with children and young people up to the age of 25 years old with a learning disability, autism, or both. They work with the child or young person and the people who support them when they are finding life difficult and will help them and their families to remain safe and well. These professionals call themselves Transforming Care Navigators. 

Navigators work with children, young people, and their families alongside their current support team. In Suffolk the Keyworking Function is provided by Suffolk County Council.

To learn more about the support available for children and young people, please visit the Suffolk Local Offer website or Essex Local Offer website.

Please see the bottom of this page for information on how to request someone aged under 18 is added (referred) to the DSR.

Learn more about the support on offer

Visit the NHS England website to learn more about supporting people with a learning disability and autistic people to get the right care, at the right time, in the right place. This information includes details on dynamic support registers, care (education) and treatment reviews and how professionals assess whether a person is at risk.

Request someone to be added to a DSR (make a referral)

If you are concerned that your mental health, or the mental health of a child or young person you are responsible for, is impacting on your/their ability to remain safe and well in the community and you or they have a diagnosis of a learning disability and/or autism you can ask to be referred on to the Dynamic Support Register or you can refer yourself. See links below.

Referrals for those aged 18+

Please send completed forms to:

If the person who is being referred lives in east Suffolk: eastsuffolkldduty@nsft.nhs.uk or 01473 341100 

If the person who is being referred lives West Suffolk: ld&awest.duty@nsft.nhs.uk or 01284 733188, option 1

Referrals for those under the age of 18

If you wish to be added to the DSR please follow the link below and complete as much of the form as you can. Please submit it via email to cypqualitysnee@snee.nhs.uk or post to:

DSR self-referral
Endeavour House,
Russell Road,

If you have any difficulty filling in this form, please contact us on the above details.

Page last modified: 7 June 2024
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