Be Well Bus timetable announced for Ipswich and east Suffolk

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The Be Well Bus timetable for January – November 2024 has been confirmed.

The Bus is a mobile one-stop shop for health and wellbeing support in Ipswich and east Suffolk. Anyone is welcome to visit the Bus and you do not need an appointment – simply turn up at the advertised time.

On-board, you will find a knowledgeable team made up of people from lots of different health, care and community organisations. Depending on your needs, our crew will either offer you help and advice there and then or signpost you to an organisation best-placed to help.

Ipswich and east Suffolk

Not sure where we mean by ‘Ipswich and east Suffolk’? View a map with boundaries and enter your postcode to check which alliance area you reside in.

Where the Bus will be

Use the below timetable to learn when the Bus will be in your area. Please note that exact locations are yet to be confirmed. Please check our events page closer to the advertised date for more information.

To view the programmes from past Be Well Bus events, please follow the links to the event pages within the timetable below.

Information for service providers and partners

Do you represent a health, care or voluntary organisation operating in Ipswich and east Suffolk? If you would like to book a shift on the Be Well Bus, please visit our dedicated web page for more information and to complete the MoU (which can be found on the bottom of your booking confirmation, under additional information). Please note, you will need to register for a Health and Care Professionals Area account.

Maternity Services

Please note from 26th April 2024, Maternity Services will be joining the Be Well Bus offering health and wellbeing support to women antenatally and postnatally. For further details on Maternity services and bookings please contact

The Be Well Bus will also be travelling to the West Suffolk Alliance and North East Essex Alliance. For more information contact

Stowmarket and Needham Market16.01.24 – 18.01.24
Hadleigh, Holbrook, Shotley23.01.24
Hadleigh, Holbrook, Shotley26.01.24
Felixstowe01.02.24 – 02.02.24
Woodbridge and Martlesham14.02.24 – 15.02.24
Wickham Market, Rendlensham, Orford21.02.24 – 23.02.24
Framlingham, Saxmundham, Aldeburgh27.02.24 – 29.02.24
Leiston: CANCELLED05.03.24
Ipswich West13.03.24
Ipswich West15.03.24
Kesgrave (part of the What’s On in Kesgrave and Surrounding Areas’ community event)12.04.24
Ipswich East17.04.24-18.04.24
Ipswich (University of Suffolk)23.04.24
Woodbridge: CANCELLED24.04.24 – 25.04.24
Ipswich (maternity services special event) 26.04.24
Framlingham – Dying Matters Awareness Week 07.05.24
Ipswich – East Suffolk Disability Information Day08.05.24
Saxmundham, Aldeburgh – Dying Matters Awareness Week 09.05.24 – 10.05.24
Leiston16.05.24 & 17.05.24
Ipswich (ICM Ipswich Community Media Health & Wellbeing Event)22.05.24
Elmswell (The Suffolk Social Care Networking Forum) – no bookings available23.05.24
Ipswich (New Wolsey Theatre – The Big Afternoon 2024 event) 25.05.24
Ipswich – Suffolk Show29.05.24 – 30.05.24
Stowmarket 04.06.24
Needham Market06.06.24 – 07.06.24
Hadleigh 11.06.24 – 12.06.24
Ipswich, (Dementia Market Place Event at Trinity Park)13.06.24
Ipswich East26.06.24
Ipswich West, Castle Hill Infant and Junior Schools Summer Fayre29.06.24
Ipswich (Maternity Services only)02.07.24
Woodbridge03.07.24 – 04.07.24
Wickham Market, Rendlesham, Orford10.07.24
Wickham Market, Rendlesham, Orford11.07.24
Wickham Market, Rendlesham, Orford12.07.24
Framlingham, Saxmundham, Aldeburgh16.07.24
Framlingham, Saxmundham, Aldeburgh17.07.24
Framlingham, Saxmundham, Aldeburgh18.07.24
Southwold – Latitude Festival25.07.24
Southwold – Latitude Festival26.07.24
Southwold – Latitude Festival27.07.24
Southwold – Latitude Festival28.07.24
Ipswich West31.07.24
Ipswich West01.08.24
Ipswich West02.08.24
Eye, Stradbroke, Debenham06.08.24
Eye, Stradbroke, Debenham07.08.24
Eye, Stradbroke, Debenham08.08.24
Felixstowe (Maternity Services only)13.08.24
Stowmarket and Needham Market14.08.24
Stowmarket and Needham Market15.08.24
Ipswich, (Cultural Community Day)16.08.24
Hadleigh, Holbrook, Shotley21.08.24
Ipswich – Health & Wellbeing Fair 22.08.24
Hadleigh, Holbrook, Shotley23.08.24
Ipswich East03.09.24
Ipswich East04.09.24
Ipswich East05.09.24
Woodbridge and Martlesham10.09.24
Woodbridge and Martlesham11.09.24
Woodbridge and Martlesham12.09.24
Saxmundham (Maternity Services only)13.09.24
Wickham Market, Rendlesham, Orford17.09.24
Wickham Market, Rendlesham, Orford18.09.24
Wickham Market, Rendlesham, Orford19.09.24
Framlingham, Saxmundham, Aldeburgh25.09.24
Framlingham, Saxmundham, Aldeburgh26.09.24
Framlingham, Saxmundham, Aldeburgh27.09.24
Ipswich West08.10.24
Ipswich West09.10.24
Ipswich West10.10.24
Ipswich (Maternity Services only)11.10.24
Eye, Stradbroke, Debenham16.10.24
Eye, Stradbroke, Debenham17.10.24
Eye, Stradbroke, Debenham18.10.24
Stowmarket and Needham Market22.10.24
Stowmarket and Needham Market23.10.24
Stowmarket and Needham Market24.10.24
Hadleigh, Holbrook, Shotley29.10.24
Hadleigh, Holbrook, Shotley30.10.24
Hadleigh, Holbrook, Shotley31.10.24